Book LGBT+ speakers for school assemblies with Just Like Us

by Just Like Us
April 2024

One of our volunteer ambassadors giving a Just Like Us school talk

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, provides LGBT+ speakers for school assemblies, classes and year groups across the UK, both online and in person.

Just Like Us ambassadors are available to give school talks to secondary schools and sixth form colleges in the UK, helping to increase knowledge and allyship, and prevent anti-LGBT+ bullying.

Our ambassadors are trained LGBT+ volunteers aged 18 to 25, meaning their stories are relatable to young people in the classroom, making talks especially impactful.

Booking LGBT+ speakers for school assemblies provides much-needed positive representation for LGBT+ young people, which research shows improves the wellbeing of pupils.

Just Like Us charge £100 for school talks, lasting between 20 minutes and one hour depending on a school’s preference. Whether speakers are booked for a class, year group or a whole-school assembly, there is no extra cost for a larger audience.

Following a Just Like Us school talk, one teacher said: “We wanted to widen the awareness of LGBT+ issues in school and support our student community to find a safe space to to be their authentic selves. We hoped the school talk would give the students recognition, a space to gather and to hear from role models sharing their stories and experiences, and to realise that they are not alone. We wanted to show students that we see them and are listening to them.

“The response from pupils was very positive. Many have thanked me for the opportunity and now attend a weekly LGBT+ group we have set up. Students who identify as allies came to the talk too and asked very sensible questions. I think it helped all attendees to learn more about this part of our lives.

“Definitely book a talk. It was an engaging, helpful and supportive hour, well spent for the students who attended.”

Another teacher said: “I have had so much positive feedback from staff, with everyone saying that the students remained engaged throughout. One member of staff said, ‘You could have heard a pin drop in the room, I have never seen them so focused before’.

“This was a great ending to School Diversity Week at our school, and we had rainbow cupcakes and jelly at lunchtime to celebrate!”