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School Diversity Week

20–24 June 2022

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What is School Diversity Week?

The UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality in primary and secondary schools.

  • Last year, primary and secondary schools representing 2.8 million pupils were signed up to take part
  • Free educational LGBT+ resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS4 on all key subjects across the curriculum provided by Just Like Us
  • Positive LGBT+ messaging is linked to school pupils having better wellbeing, regardless of whether they’re LGBT+ or not
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Photo of a school's School Diversity Week display, which says 'At this school we all belong' and has wings made of our rainbow-coloured feathers with messages in inclusion written on them
A school's Pride display for School Diversity Week, showing a variety of LGBT+ flags and Just Like Us posters with messages such as 'Transphobia has no place in our school'

School Diversity Week 'gave me a voice'

School Diversity Week helped Seb's school become a safer, happier and more welcoming place for LGBT+ young people.

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Pupil Seb smiling at the camera and rainbow face paint

Storytime series

Watch children’s authors reading from their LGBT+ inclusive books about diverse families.

  • Celebrate School Diversity Week by streaming our video resources with your class
  • Plus, use our reading guides with discussion prompts and creative ideas for lessons
  • Featuring The Secret Sunshine Project, Elmer, Grandad’s Camper and The Marvellous Doctors
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Grandad's Camper, by Harry Woodgate, is the focus of Just Like Us’ new free educational resources for School Diversity Week
Benjamin Dean's video resources

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