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How do I download Just Like Us’ LGBT+ inclusive school resources?

Free resources are available for primary and secondary schools as part of School Diversity Week, our annual celebration of LGBT+ inclusion in education. You must be a member of staff at a UK primary school, secondary school or sixth form college to take part.

To browse and download Just Like Us’ free School Diversity Week resources, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign up for School Diversity Week (don’t forget to tick ‘School Diversity Week’!). If you have already done this, wait for us to activate your account and then skip to step 2!
  2. Go to the School Diversity Week resources webpage (we recommend bookmarking this!)
  3. Click the three grey dots next to the file name you’d like to download
  4. Click download

Looking for more resources? We also provide resources to secondary schools as part of our Pride Groups programme – membership is £99 a year. You can join the programme by purchasing membership in our shop or by getting in touch.

I’m over 25, how can I get involved?

Our Ambassador Programme is for LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds as they not only volunteer but are also beneficiaries of the programme (they get a career mentor, access to skills workshops and more to support them with growing up LGBT+).

If you are over 25, we would love you to start a fundraiser, tell your workplace about supporting Just Like Us and/or register your interest in volunteering by signing up with us (we sometimes do call outs for senior LGBT+ professionals to volunteer as career mentors).

How do I delete my Just Like Us account?

Please get in touch and we will do this for you.

I can’t log in. How do I reset my password?

Please reset your password and make sure you login with the email you signed up with. Still having issues? Please get in touch so our team can help.

My details have changed – how do I update my profile/account?

Please update your profile.

Refunds and returns

We don’t offer refunds or returns for our programmes. Please get in touch if there’s an issue so we can help.