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What are Pride Groups?

A Pride Group is a lunchtime or after school club that provides a safe place for LGBT+ and ally young people to meet, learn and get support.

  • Help pupils feel safer and less isolated
  • Work together to tackle anti-LGBT+ bullying and make your school more inclusive
  • Celebrate LGBT+ equality and allyship with access to start-up and group facilitation resources
  • Get online training and connections to the wider Pride Groups community

Download our brochure for more information and examples of the resources we provide.

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Group of pupils chatting and smiling
A photo from School Diversity Week celebrations of a Just Like Us poster in a school library that says 'Life would be boring if we were all the same'

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"Our pupils shouldn’t have to leave us to find the LGBT+ community. Just Like Us’ support gives our pupils the tools they need.

"I feel humbled everyday to be working with our Pride Group."

– Jane, Pastoral Lead at Lord Wandsworth
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A group of school pupils smiling and chatting

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