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Our young adult ambassadors speak about growing up LGBT+ and allyship.

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What do school talks involve?

Our relatable talks can be adapted to suit your secondary school or college community, including:

  • What it’s like growing up LGBT+ and allyship
  • Age-appropriate explanations of key terms and concepts
  • Supportive, positive messaging, which research has found is linked to all pupils having improved wellbeing (regardless of whether the pupil is LGBT+ or not)
  • How young people can tackle anti-LGBT+ attitudes
  • Myth-busting and breaking down stereotypes
  • Examples of positive and diverse LGBT+ representation, including LGBT+ people of faith

Our LGBT+ speakers are aged 18 to 25, making their talks really relatable for young people.

We charge £100 for school talks, lasting between 20 minutes and one hour depending on your preference. You can book our speakers for a class, year group or even whole-school assembly – there is no extra cost for a bigger audience.

We don’t currently provide talks for primary schools.

Usually we require four weeks’ notice for school talk bookings but will do our best to accommodate what you need.

Watch an example school talk
A Just Like Us volunteering giving a school talk
A Just Like Us school talk in Birmingham

'We're seeing changes in our school culture'

"Not only could our pupils relate to the experiences of the ambassadors, but they delivered in such a simple and easy way that everyone in the room could understand.

"We’re seeing changes in our school culture which was really reinforced by Just Like Us' visit."

– Rory, Head of Year 12 at Villiers School
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Secondary school pupils having a Just Like Us school talk

'It was really special and unique'

"I wasn’t expecting it to be as relatable or personal as it was.

"We hardly ever hear from other young people, so it was really special and unique. The visit has had a really positive impact on lots of people in our school.

"For the first time, our teachers said they had emails from pupils afterwards to say thank you for arranging it!"

– Tiana, Year 12 pupil
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One of our volunteer ambassadors giving a Just Like Us school talk

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