Our LGBT+ young adult ambassadors deliver talks and workshops championing LGBT+ equality
They speak honestly about who LGBT+ people are, and share their own stories growing up LGBT+ today to connect with all students in a powerful way
After our sessions, 86% of students understand why everyone should care about LGBT+ issues
Our LGBT+ talks and workshops
Just Like Us LGBT+ ambassadors are professionally trained LGBT+ young adults from different walks of life
They use their personal experiences of coming out and overcoming bullying in the recent past to give hope to LGBT+ pupils and help non-LGBT+ pupils understand why LGBT+ equality is important
Our LGBT+ ambassadors cover secondary schools and colleges in Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, London, Manchester, Oxford and Liverpool
what the talks and workshops cover

Increase understanding of LGBT+ in an age-appropriate way

  • Arrange one or many quickly and easily

  • Sessions tailored to your students and timetable

  • Our LGBT+ ambassadors are young adults who build empathy and understanding

  • Staff benefit from hearing our LGBT+ ambassadors

  • Our follow-up resources build impact and momentum

  • We're not-for-profit - we ask for donations, not fees

  • We fit well into LGBT History Month, Anti-Bullying Week, Pride and other events

why schools and colleges love us
Meet our LGBT+ ambassadors

Watch our ambassadors open up about bullying and how they got through it

Read Tom's story about coming to terms with his sexuality and why he talks in schools

Listen to our ambassadors' monthly podcast for LGBT+ young people

Every talk and workshop is delivered by 1 or 2 ambassadors, who share their own stories of growing up LGBT+

We have 100 diverse LGBT+ ambassadors based in Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, London, Manchester and Oxford

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