Why book a LGBT school talk from Just Like Us?

by Just Like Us
November 2022

What does a LGBT school talk from Just Like Us involve? And why do staff and pupils recommend them?

Watch our video explaining what a Just Like Us school talk looks like, how they work in the classroom and why pupils love them.

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Why do SLT recommend having a LGBT school talk from Just Like Us?

“We really wanted Just Like Us ambassadors, to come in and provide a talk to our students because we know that it’s an issue that our students are passionate about, whether or not they’re a part of the LGBT+ community,” says John Oswin, who is Head of Sixth Form at Beauchamp College in Leicester.

“The students will get to see real life people talking about their stories, which is something we can’t always offer in the classroom.”

– John, a teacher who booked a talk

“And it’s also a topic that we know that some of our staff members aren’t always that comfortable or even knowledgeable about speaking on.”

PSHE subject leader, Nicola Ayres, from Queen Mary’s High School near Wolverhampton says: “I would absolutely recommend it because I feel like having an ambassador share their experiences with students is something that’s completely invaluable.

“I would say if you are another secondary school thinking of having a talk by Just Like Us then absolutely do it 100%.

“It’s going to supplement what you do in the classroom. It’s going to be an added benefit to your curriculum.

“The students will get to see real life people talking about their stories, which is something we can’t always offer in the classroom.”

Why do pupils love Just Like Us’ school talks?

Charlie is a school pupil. After seeing a talk from Just Like Us, he said: “The talk has left me feeling very proud of myself, and being who I am.

“It’s made me realise I’m not alone and I really, really love that.”

– Charlie, a school pupil

Year 12 pupil Ijeoma says: “I think growing up is already something that is quite hard to navigate and if you add in figuring out, you know, your identity or gender identity or sexuality, that can be daunting things.

“I think that the presentation today really highlighted the key stuff that they dealt with. I love how they gave their personal stories and they addressed intersectionality.

“It really did inspire me to be a strong support system for those around me.”

What do our school talks cover?

Our relatable talks can be adapted to suit your secondary school or college community, including:

  • What it’s like growing up LGBT+ and allyship
  • Age-appropriate explanations of key terms and concepts
  • Supportive, positive messaging, which research has found is linked to all pupils having improved wellbeing (regardless of whether the pupil is LGBT+ or not)
  • How young people can tackle anti-LGBT+ attitudes
  • Myth-busting and breaking down stereotypes
  • Examples of positive and diverse LGBT+ representation, including LGBT+ people of faith

Inspire your pupils to be LGBT+ allies and learn about the diversity of the world around them

The school talks are delivered by our volunteer ambassadors who are LGBT+ and age 18-25, meaning their stories are incredibly relatable to young people in your classroom.

Our school talks last between 20 and 60 minutes. They can be delivered to small classes, year groups or even whole-school assemblies.

You decide the length and audience, and there’s no extra charge for a longer or bigger talk. All school talks cost £100.

We also tailor our talks to best suit your school community. Whether it’s faith, disability, anti-bullying or another topic that matters to your school, we will adapt our talk so that your pupils get the most from our relatable speakers.

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