Queer children's author Helen Patuck on #YoungerMe and inclusive education

Helen Patuck is a children's author and illustrator who is supporting Just Like Us' #YoungerMe campaign.

Wearing a cloak of invisibility is not every child's dream. Being seen, heard and understood is an integral part of developing self-esteem and confidence. Asking how power works, and who gets hidden in its shadow, is therefore a big question for anyone working towards a more inclusive world. That includes LGBT+ children's authors.

For me, being queer is about understanding that there is such a thing as 'normal' and whoever does not look or behave that way is different. I think that difference is wonderful and part of a vast human mosaic. However, noting difference becomes a form of violence when those who are 'normal' have access to resources, rights and respect that others do not because of their socio-economic background, immigration status, race, gender or sexuality.