Jeremy Corbyn's message for School Diversity Week 2018

Growing up lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans can still be extremely tough. Fears about your identity, feelings of isolation and bullying continue to affect LGBT young people’ wellbeing and their achievement at school.

This must change.

I’m proud to support the Just Like Us campaign and the teachers and pupils taking part in School Diversity Week 2018.

Thirty years after Section 28 banned the discussion of homosexuality in schools and 18 years after it was repealed thanks to a hard-won campaign, no one should feel ashamed of who they are. No one should go to school fearful, fearful that they will be bullied because of their identity.

By celebrating the week we can take a stand and end the remainder of Section 28’s legacy. We can tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and champion LGBT equality in our schools and society. We can ensure that LGBT young people grow up feeling safe, equal and valued at school, confident in themselves and able to be their best.

That’s what School Diversity Week is all about and it’s the kind of respectful society that the Labour Party wants to create for our young people.

I wish Just Like Us and all the students, teachers and headteachers taking part in School Diversity Week 2018 every success.

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