School Diversity Week masterclasses

What are the masterclasses?

Our masterclasses are an unique educational opportunity to learn about exciting topics from the experts. 

Our experts hosted short workshops which will spark your interest and develop your understanding in a range of subjects - anything from film-making to creating a campaign.

Each of the masterclass experts answered your questions at the end of their session. 

There are some masterclasses with an activity so you'll get a chance to try your hand at using your new skills and knowledge.

Who are the masterclasses for?

We had workshops suitable for all ages from primary to secondary. We've clearly outlined the target age group for each workshop, and parents and carers are welcome to watch along with your young people.

Masterclass timetable and our experts


26/06/2020 at 12:00 (ages 11-16)

Travis Alabanza with 'I AM, how to get creative with you as the source'




Travis Alabanza is an award winning theatre maker, writer and performer. Their work has featured in the BBC, Guardian, Independent , Metro and more - and their recent theatre show Burgerz won the Total Theatre Fringe award 2019.

In this masterclass, Travis will be talking about their creative process and how you can turn your life story into a piece of theatre.

Follow-on activity: Poetry


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22/06/2020 at 14:30 (ages 8-13)

Coronavirus - all your questions answered with Dr Ranj



                                                              Dr. Ranj is a NHS Paediatrician, TV presenter and author. He’s been on the front line during the pandemic and seen first hand the impact coronavirus has had, and what we can all do to stop it. He also supports the work of several LGBT+ charities and organisations, including Just Like Us, to improve the lives of LGBT+ young people. 

Dr. Ranj will be helping you to understand the coronavirus and answer any questions you might have.

Follow-on activity: Q&As


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22/06/2020 at 12:00 (ages 14-16)

In conversation with Lady Phyll






Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, widely known as Lady Phyll, is the executive director and co-founder of UK Black Pride. Lady Phyll has over 20 years’ experience as an LGBTQ+ rights activist and anti-racism campaigner. She is the Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Trust, and also a patron for Albert Kennedy Trust; Diva Magazine columnist, and public speaker focusing on race, gender, sexuality and class. She is named as one of the top 5 on the World Pride Power list. 

Lady Phyll will be talking about activism and the importance of recognising diversity.


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fox and owl.jpg

23/06/2020 at 12:00 (ages 11-16)

25/06/2020 at 14:30 (ages 3-5)

Fox and Owl on 'film-makingand 'Let's read Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl'



Fox and Owl Fisher are writers, filmmakers and activists. They are a non-binary trans couple who together advocate for trans rights and co-run the My Genderation film project. Between them, hey have contributed articles to a number of British newspapers, including The Guardian and The Independent, as well as to the lesbian magazine DIVA. They also co-authored the book Trans Teen Survival Guide, published in 2018.


Their secondary masterclass will help you learn about film-making from home.


In their primary masterclass, they'll be reading 'Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl' for you.


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23/06/2020 at 14:30 (ages 4-11)

LGBT+ essentials with Olly Pike



Olly Pike is the director of Pop'n'Olly -a LGBTQ+ 'Edutainment' resource for children, parents, carers and primary teachers. Olly has written and illustrated six inclusive children's books which, along with his YouTube videos, are being used in primary schools across the UK and beyond, to help teach about equality and diversity.  His #KennyLives campaign aims to put a copy of his latest book in every single UK primary school.​

In his masterclass, not only will Olly be answering your questions but he will tell you all about what the word LGBT+ means, and the history of the Rainbow Flag 

Follow-on activity: Goldilocks and the Bear Families


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Linda Riley 2018.jpeg

23/06/2020 at 15:30 (ages 14-16)

In conversation with Linda Riley



Since coming out at the age of 15, Linda Riley has been campaigning for the rights of the LGBTQI community as an outstanding activist.

One of only two British directors of US based LGBT campaign group GLAAD, Linda is a patron of Action Breaks Silence and Diversity Role Models a LGBT anti-bullying charity. A publishing professional with over 20 years experience, Linda Riley has gone on to become the publisher behind DIVA magazine - Europe’s leading magazine for LGBTQI women. 

In this masterclass, she'll talk about the history of DIVA, why she put it together and the importance of trans inclusion.

Follow-on activity: Role Models


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22/06/2020 at 15:30 (ages 14-16)

Sabah Choudrey on 'Gender Diversity'

Reluctant activist on most things trans, brown and hairy. Co-founder of Trans Pride Brighton in 2013, and proud trans youth worker since 2014. Public speaker, shy writer and psychotherapist in training. Top three passions right now: carving out spaces for queer and trans people of colour, making friends with cats, and taking selfies from bad angles.

This masterclass will talk about gender diversity. You'll learn all about different gender identities, why they matter and Sabah will tell their own story.

Follow-on activity: Gender Unicorn


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24/06/2020 at 14:30 (ages 8-11)

25/06/2020 at 12:00 (ages 11-16)

Dan Vo on 'Love in art' and 'What art history can tell us about ourselves'

Dan Vo is a media producer and museum professional. He has developed LGBTQ+ tours for several museums in the UK, most notably the V&A Museum. He promotes diversity, equality and inclusion in the UK museum sector as a patron of LGBT+ History Month and Stonewall BAME Role Model.


Dan's first masterclass will help you learn about how LGBT+ people use art to express themselves. 


In his second, he'll talk about how LGBT+ people have used art to tell their stories, sometimes when they couldn't do so openly.

Follow-on activity: Love in art

Follow-on activity: What art history can tell us about ourselves


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24/06/2020 at 15:30 (ages 13-16)

Emily Lavinia on 'How we tell our stories and stay safe online'

Influencer and blogger Emily Lavinia  explores what it's like to navigate online spaces as an LGBT person, how to build your presence and be true to yourself, without putting yourself at risk. The online world gives us an opportunity to hear voices that have previously been harder to find.


Emily's masterclass will discuss how we tell our stories while staying safe online.

Follow-on activity: Mindfulness


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24/06/2020 at 12:00 (ages 14-16)

26/06/2020 at 14:30 (ages 8-11)

Sacha Coward on 'Gender and sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome' and 'Myths and Legends'





Sacha Coward has a decade's worth of experience in making museums exciting and welcoming spaces for everyone. He is passionate about LGBTQ+ history, and has given talks and tours on subjects such as the queer backstory to The Little Mermaid and LGBTQ+ characters in videogames.

Sacha's first masterclass will help you learn about how gender and sexuality were viewed by two ancient cultures - the Greeks and Romans!

His second is a story time of brilliant LGBT+ myths and legends.

Follow-on activity: Gender and sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome

Follow-on activity: Myths and legends


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26/06/2020 at 15:30 (ages 11-16)


Ben Hunte on 'Finding your Voice: it's up to you'







A journalist and presenter, Ben Hunte is the BBC's first LGBT Correspondent, reporting on stories surrounding sexuality and gender. Ben’s digital films have been seen by millions, with topics ranging from men feeling “too ugly” to be gay, to racism within the LGBT dating scene. As one of the BBC's youngest correspondents, Ben’s journalism has already been nominated for awards, including by the Royal Television Society, PinkNews and British LGBT Awards. 

Ben's masterclass will introduce young people to some simple tips for building confidence.


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25/06/2020 at 15:30 (ages 14-16)

Cedric Tan on 'The evolution of same-sex behaviour in animals'







Cedric is a lecturer in biology at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford. His passion for the arts and education drives his constant pursuit of novel and exciting ways of mixing science and arts both to engage people with science.

In this masterclass, Cedric explores same-sex relationships between animals to help you understand how often they occur, why they might happen and to highlight some famous examples.

Follow-on activity: Q&A


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