Dannii Minogue backs LGBT+ representation in UK schools through Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme

by Just Like Us
October 2023

Three side-by-side screenshots of Dannii Minogue in her video for Just Like Us

International star Dannii Minogue has called on LGBT+ young adults across the UK to volunteer with Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity. 

Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme allows LGBT+ young people to benefit from a range of opportunities, like career mentoring, skills workshops, media opportunities and community building with other LGBT+ young people, as well as providing them with training to speak in schools and prevent anti-LGBT+ bullying. 

The charity runs two-day training events throughout the year, both online and in person, where attendees learn all they need to know to become a fully trained Just Like Us Ambassador alongside other like-minded LGBT+ young adults in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.

Dannii Minogue said: “What Just Like Us endeavour to do is to make all young LGBT+ people feel seen, heard and represented. If you are 18 to 25 and you are LGBT+, you can sign up for their Ambassador role

“This means you’ll go into schools, share your story, speak to other young people and make them feel so secure. The work Just Like Us does is so important, it helps so many young LGBT+ people. Be the representation you never had, and sign up now!”

Laura Mackay, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, said: “We are so grateful to Dannii Minogue for her support of Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme. She is an incredible ally to the LGBT+ community, and her willingness to stand up and fight for LGBT+ young people is wonderful to see. 

“By calling on LGBT+ young adults to volunteer with Just Like Us, Dannii is helping to make growing up LGBT+ a better and safer experience for LGBT+ young people across the UK. We know that LGBT+ school pupils are twice as likely to be bullied compared to their non-LGBT+ peers, and the value of the positive representation our Ambassadors provide cannot be overstated. 

“Not only do they make LGBT+ young people feel more secure, they increase understanding and allyship among all pupils, while at the same time helping themselves to become more confident and empowered. The whole team at Just Like Us would like to thank Dannii for her support!”