KS4 History: Free LGBT+ lesson plans and resources

by Just Like Us
August 2023

KS4 history resources from Just Like Us

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, provides free lesson plans and resources for KS4 history, among many other subjects and key stages.

Our KS4 history resources include a lesson plan on the progression of attitudes towards LGBT+ people in the UK throughout history, including both milestones and setbacks for equality.

The free resources also include a lesson on “the Glamour Boys” – a group of gay and bisexual MPs who led the calls to end appeasement prior to World War Two.

A slide from the Ks4 history resource on the Glamour Boys

How to download the free KS4 history resources:

If you are a staff member at a UK primary school, secondary school or sixth form college, you can access Just Like Us’ free resources by following the below steps:

  1. Sign up for School Diversity Week (make sure you tick ‘School Diversity Week’).
  2. You’ll then receive an email granting you access to the resources.
  3. Then, browse and download resources in our portal.

What is School Diversity Week?

Every June, Just Like Us runs School Diversity Week. The event is a celebration of LGBT+ equality in primary and secondary schools across the UK.

As part of this, Just Like Us has created more than 100 free, LGBT+ inclusive resources for use in schools. These include lesson plans, worksheets, assembly ideas, story time discussions and presentations. Plus, there is a Rainbow Friday non-uniform day, fundraising for Just Like Us.

More than 6,000 UK schools are signed up to take part in School Diversity Week. Signing up means you will get free access to LGBT+ inclusive resources across all key stages and key subjects.

Why celebrate School Diversity Week?

Independent research has found that when LGBT+ young people grow up in supportive, inclusive environments at home and at school, this results in hugely positive outcomes into young adulthood.

Research has also shown that positive messaging about being LGBT+ in schools improves the wellbeing of all pupils, whether or not they are LGBT+.

By signing up for School Diversity Week, you’ll gain access to our free LGBT+ inclusive resources. You’ll be joining thousands of other schools celebrating across the UK.