Why book an online LGBT school talk?

by Just Like Us
February 2023

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, offers online school talks for secondary schools and sixth form colleges in the UK.

Your pupils will hear live from LGBT+ speakers direct to their classroom via Zoom, Teams or your preferred platform.

Our LGBT+ school talks are available online in any location in the UK – meaning your pupils are guaranteed to feel represented and learn about LGBT+ allyship, no matter where your school is located.

“The best part of the live virtual talk we had were the personal stories shared by the young speakers.”

David Kay, Assistant Headteacher

All young people deserve to know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated, and that they should never be ashamed to be who they are.

Benefits of booking an online LGBT+ school talk:

  • Can be delivered simultaneously in multiple classrooms in your school, reducing the cost
  • No limit on number of students for a single session
  • Students can access the online talk with their class so their teacher can facilitate discussions later
  • Book a talk sooner! We can arrange online talks to happen much faster than in-person, helping to meet your last-minute needs
  • Hear from a wider range of diverse LGBT+ speakers because you’ll be able to hear from our ambassadors located across the UK
  • Flexible options for the video call – just let us know your Zoom, Teams or other preferred platform

Why do teachers and pupils love live virtual talks?

“The best part of the live virtual talk we had were the personal stories shared by the young speakers – these really inspired our students,” says David Kay, Assistant Headteacher at Bishops’ Blue Coat CofE High School.

“The speakers were all really relatable and confident.”

Head of Sixth Form at Notre Dame Senior School, Sian Marker, says: “The best part of the live virtual talk were the personal stories the speakers shared.

“It was awesome and impactful! Thank you so much! The students all loved it!”

We deliver hundreds of online LGBT+ talks to schools across the UK every year.

We charge a flat fee of £100 for school talks. They last between 20-60 minutes, depending on your preference.

You can book our LGBT+ speakers for a class, year group or even whole-school assembly – there is no extra cost for a bigger audience.

We can also tailor our talks to best suit your school community. Whether it’s faith, disability, anti-bullying or another topic that matters to your school, we will adapt our talk so that your pupils get the most from our relatable speakers.