(our flagship volunteer role for 18 - 25 year old LGBT+ people in eight UK regions)
Become an
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We have a unique ability to help solve a problem that affects us.
3 in 4 LGBT+ young people have been bullied, and LGBT+ pupils are twice as likely to face discrimination.
Our community of 200 trained LGBT+ ambassadors work to change that, by championing LGBT+ equality and allyship in schools, colleges, online and amongst each other as relatable LGBT+ role models.
Become an ambassador if you: 
  • live around Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Liverpool, London, Manchester or Oxford
  • will be between 18 - 25 years old in October 2020
  • identify as LGBT+ - no matter your ethnic or religious background, disabilities or education
  • have good written and spoken English
  • can communicate with us by email and WhatsApp
  • would like to volunteer with kids and young people
  • have a passion for LGBT+ equality and visibility
  • want to contribute to our diverse and positive community of ambassadors
As an ambassador you only need to reveal your name and show your face to staff, other ambassadors and in sessions with schools. Your name (or alias) or photo would never be available publicly without your consent.
(if you're eligible)
(if you can't be an ambassador)
What do
ambassadors do?
Meet some ambassadors
Complete a 4-day online training programme on dates you choose between October - December 2020
This varied, relaxed training connects you with other young LGBT+ people and gives you the skills and knowledge to use your voice to effect change
Commit to volunteering for at least 24 hours a year
All ambassadors deliver talks and workshops in pairs with school kids (including in-person sessions in your local schools and colleges, and virtual sessions with schools around the country) as part of the volunteering
And there are many additional ways to contribute and use your voice - meet our ambassadors (to the right) for examples
Benefit from being in our nationwide community of LGBT+ young activists who support each other, learn from each other and make life awesome for LGBT+ kids
Read Rhianna's (left) thoughts on visiting schools as an ambassador
Read Malik's (left photo, at podium) article for Gay Times and watch Monika (right) and others promote our national School Diversity Week 2020
Do we need to visit schools during coronavirus?
You'll never be asked to visit a school in-person if it's unsafe for you
You'll be trained to deliver LGBT+ talks and workshops to young people online
As schools and colleges cautiously open up again, you'll get opportunities to visit them in-person
See the limited edition packaging that Jay (left) designed, and listen to our ambassadors' monthly podcast (right)
(if you're eligible)
(if you can't be an ambassador)
Why it's great to be an LGBT+ ambassador for Just Like Us
You harness your own experiences and narrative growing up LGBT+ to support LGBT+ kids in the ways that you needed at school
Being an ambassador is a simple, manageable and flexible way to do tangible social action locally
Volunteering outside your work or study bubble - and working directly with teachers and young people - improves mental wellbeing and reduces stress
Ambassadors influence the next generation in schools and online, without needing to out themselves more widely if they don't want to
Be involved in awesome activities and events like our monthly podcast, social media campaigns and written content
Volunteering develops many skills, and our internal development opportunities - like LGBT+ career mentoring - improve your employability
Our ambassadors report feeling happier, prouder and more confident in their own LGBT+ identities after volunteering with us
Be part of a nationwide community of LGBT+ young activists that stays with you past your workplace, college or university
The Just Like Us Volunteering team will be here for you
The Volunteering team is the biggest team in Just Like Us.
That's because ambassadors are central to what Just Like Us does, and your safety, happiness and inclusion is really important to us.
You sign up with us, and it's us who train and support you to volunteer. We're happy to get to know you, and to bring you into this community.
Meet us below - click on our photos to see a welcome video from us. And if you have any questions or worries about being an ambassador, you are welcome to get in touch with any one of us!
Josh Buckland
Programmes Officer
pronouns: he/him
Josh is your volunteer manager, who organises the things you do and supports you to do it
Watch his welcome message
Email him
Taz Rasul
Director of Volunteering
pronouns: she/her
Taz manages the team and plans big changes to benefit ambassadors and the charity
Watch her welcome message
Email her
Malik Haddington-Ahmed
Programmes Assistant
pronouns: he/him
Malik supports ambassadors to prepare for schools volunteering and media projects
Watch his welcome message
Email him
Be an LGBT+ ambassador
We're looking for ambassadors to start in autumn 2020!
Our ambassadors are in
Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff,
Durham, Liverpool, London,
Manchester and Oxford
You can become an ambassador if you:
  • live in a region listed above
  • are 18 - 25 years old and LGBT+
  • have good written and spoken English
  • would like to volunteer with kids
  • have a passion for LGBT+ equality and visibility
We have ambassadors from various faith and ethnic backgrounds, as well as ambassadors with diverse LGBT+ identities, disabilities and levels of income.
If you are worried about a barrier to volunteering, get in touch with Josh (josh.buckand@justlikeus.org) or Taz (taz.rasul@justlikeus.org).
Can't be an LGBT+ ambassador?
Support Just Like Us in other ways
Support us as part of a students' union or society to raise our profile in your local area
Raise money to help us reach more LGBT+ kids
Urge schools and colleges you know to work with us for LGBT+ inclusion
Follow and post about us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram
Tell us you're interested in future volunteering opportunities
Register here and we'll contact you with any new volunteer projects and activities you could get involved in
In particular, if you're happy to be a guest interviewee in a future Just Like Us podcast, let us know here
Note: you'll receive infrequent emails if you register above
Want to offer your time and skills for something else specific?
Thank you! Please email info@justlikeus.org.
(if you're eligible)