25 June is Rainbow Friday

Show your support for #SchoolDiversityWeek by dressing up on Rainbow Friday this 25 June.

Wear a colour – or several colours – of the Progress Flag and share a photo of your Rainbow Friday outfit on social media! Use #SchoolDiversityWeek and tag @JustLikeUsUK on Twitter or Instagram to show your support for LGBT+ young people.

Anyone can take part – encourage your workplace, school or friends to post their Rainbow Friday outfit on 25 June!

Want to help even more? We'd love you to consider raising money on the day or matching your post with a £10 donation, so that we can continue improving the lives of LGBT+ young people through School Diversity Week.

What is the Progress Flag?

The Progress Flag was created in 2018, designed to update the existing rainbow Pride flag. The design incorporates the colours of the trans flag (white, pink, light blue) and black and brown stripes to represent LGBT+ people of colour. Both groups face disproportionate levels of discrimination, face unique challenges and have histories that other members of the LGBT+ communities don’t. The flag draws attention to these and encourages us to fight for the equal rights of everyone under the LGBT+ umbrella.


Rainbow Friday in 2020