Ideas for getting the word out

Here’s everything you need to share that you’re celebrating SDW with all your staff, pupils, the local and national community!

Share the School Diversity Week email updates from Just Like Us with staff, or even get them to sign up online themselves

Send one of our emails in the toolkit - the more formal email might sound better coming from the Head, and the less formal one from the staff member responsible for coordinating the week

Run a staff briefing announcement in which you show the 'What is School Diversity Week?' slides

Ask colleagues to share info about the week with their friends in education

Ask colleagues to run a short intro session with their year group, form or class, and ask them to pass on any feedback about what the pupils say they like to do

Ask colleagues you know will be supportive to run one of our lessons in their subject, or even plan their own

Send your Pride Group, Leadership Team or Community Action Team students to get the word out

Get student reporters on the case - they can create anticipation ahead of time, as well as reporting on the week itself