LGBT+, 18–25 years old and living in the UK? Whether or not you’re out, and whatever level of volunteering you’ve done before, you have a unique ability to champion LGBT+ equality for young people as a Just Like Us ambassador!

Volunteering at Just Like Us

(If you’re under 18 or over 25, you’ve got some options too.)

Why volunteer?

Almost half of secondary school pupils say they have had little to zero positive messaging about being LGBT+ in the last year (Just Like Us, 2021).


LGBT+ young people feel significantly less safe in school than their peers. They are also more than twice as likely to be worrying daily about their mental health and one in four is currently experiencing daily tensions in the place they are living.


LGBT+ young people who are Black, disabled and/or eligible for free school meals face even more challenges. We want to ensure they feel represented and uplifted by our ambassadors who go into schools and speak about being LGBT+.

You could help make a huge difference to the lives of LGBT+ young people in school by volunteering.

As a Just Like Us ambassador, you’d volunteer 30 hours a year to improve the lives of LGBT+ young people who are struggling in school by: 

We believe that we can build a kinder and better world for LGBT+ young people by telling our own stories, allowing young people to connect with who we are and what it means to be a good ally. What would that have meant for you growing up?

What’s it like being an ambassador?

You can sign up any time and enter our pre-ambassador programme to get a taste of what it’s like learning and educating others about being LGBT+. In October 2021, you’ll train to start your ambassador role.

The training is a 30-hour training programme spread out across a month. This varied, relaxed training connects you with other young LGBT+ people and gives you the skills and knowledge to use your voice to effect change.


You’ll then choose opportunities throughout the year to deliver secondary school talks, create LGBT+ educational resources and media content, and support other LGBT+ young people. At the end of your first year, you’ll have improved school students’ attitudes and behaviours towards LGBT+ people, and improved LGBT+ young people’s lives.


You’ll be able to continue volunteering every year until you’re 25. You’ll get loads back too: our ambassadors participate in exclusive employability and skills training from prestigious employers, and can join our year-long LGBT+ career mentoring scheme. More than that, Just Like Us ambassadors are part of a nationwide community of 300 other LGBT+ young activists who support and learn from each other.

Read ambassador Milly's article for Gay Times about growing up bisexual and Christian, and how the two are connected for her

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Here's what some other ambassadors have to say about volunteering with us:


"Being part of Just Like Us has filled me with confidence and pride, making my voice feel like a valued one."

"I feel like I have a better understanding of my own experience as a child and young person growing up LGBT+ thanks to my volunteering with JLU."

"It’s been very helpful knowing that I have a community of other LGBT+ but especially trans people who understand me within JLU.​"

"I feel more comfortable in my identity which makes

everything else easier."

"I have been more likely to learn more about the range of

experiences that people from other communities may have."

"It’s uniquely lovely to come together with so many other

LGBT+ people."

Being an ambassador is a way to:

  • Harness your own experiences and narrative as an LGBT+ young person to support LGBT+ kids in the ways you needed

  • Do tangible social action locally, which improves mental wellbeing and reduces stress

  • Influence the next generation!


All our ambassadors are trained and supported by the staff Volunteering Team at Just Like Us, below!

Taz is smiling into the camera. She's got brown skin and straight hair that's quite long.
Taz Rasul

Director of Volunteering

pronouns: she/her

Taz manages the team and plans big changes to benefit ambassadors and the charity

Watch her welcome message

Email her

Josh is smiling into the camera. He's white, has a short beard and short hair. He's wearing dungarees and is outside.

Josh Buckland

Volunteering Manager

pronouns: he/him

Josh is your volunteer manager, who organises the things you do and supports you to do it

Watch his welcome message

Email him

Lorcan is smiling at the camera. Ze is tanned, has medium length curly dark hair and red eye shadow, with a gold earring and necklace on show.

Lorcan Bevan Niss

Volunteering Assistant


pronouns: ze/zir


Lorcan is your first point of contact as somebody who wants to volunteer


Watch zir welcome message


Email zir

Register your interest in becoming an LGBT+ ambassador for Just Like Us

If you’re 18 - 25 years old in October 2021, living in the UK, and identifying as LGBT+ (openly or not), then you’re eligible to be an ambassador.


Ambassador volunteering also suits those who:

  • Have a good level of written and spoken English

  • Can check your emails at least twice a week and respond as needed

  • Would like to volunteer with children and young people

  • Have a passion for LGBT+ equality and visibility

  • Can commit to spending 30 hours training in October - December 2021 and 30 hours volunteering between December 2021 - August 2022 (in smaller chunks, flexibly)

  • Want to contribute to a diverse and positive community of LGBT+ young people, spanning across faiths, cultures, races, classes, regions, disabilities/abilities and genders

Know this is for you, or want to find out more?

Once you’ve registered your interest, we can send you more information about what it’s like being an ambassador, and help you make your mind up.


If you’d like to go ahead and be an ambassador, you’ll continue through our sign-up process ready to start your training in October - December 2021 (dates to be confirmed, but there’ll be multiple options). Before your training starts, you’ll be enrolled in our pre-training programme where you can begin learning about our work and support Just Like Us through smaller acts of volunteering.


We have ambassadors from various regional, faith and ethnic backgrounds, as well as ambassadors with diverse LGBT+ identities, disabilities and levels of income and ‘out’-ness.


Any questions before you register your interest? Please get in touch with Lorcan (, Josh ( or Taz ( 


Under 18?


Unfortunately you can’t be an ambassador just yet!


But your enthusiasm for LGBT+ equality is massively powerful and there are still ways you can help improve LGBT+ equality in schools and beyond.


Here are some ways you can lend your voice:


Over 25?


You’re above the age for our 18-25 Ambassador Programme but there are several ways you can still help and we’d love to have your support.


If you want to help improve life for LGBT+ young people, here are some other things you can do with us: