Young people share their favourite things about being LGBT+

At Just Like Us, we want all young people to know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated. Our Ambassador Programme provides mentoring, community support and training to LGBT+ young people aged 18-25 so they can speak in schools about being themselves and make education more inclusive.

We asked our young LGBT+ ambassadors to share what their favourite things are about being LGBT+.

We’re all on a journey

Alana says:

“After years of struggling with my identity, I've reached this view of it as a cool journey of endless self-discovery that not everyone gets the chance to go on.”

We look out for each other

Rita says:

“I love that we’re all part of one big family who look out for each other and understand each other in ways that others often don’t!”

Ben agrees:

“One of my favourite things would be the joy experienced in the LGBT+ community and the moments of shared happiness and pride.”

We’re all different

Nia says:

“Being LGBT+ allowed me to see that the differences we have are the most beautiful parts of us. Diversity is what makes us human.”

Ramses adds:

“The community encourages us to be unique. We get to shape who we are with the support of an amazing community.”

We stick together

Pippa says:

“Throughout hardships (including the pandemic), LGBT+ communities have always been innovative in staying in contact with each other and supporting each other.”

Rhimano agrees:

“My favourite thing has to be how much my real family has grown. Blood doesn't matter, I will always have my LGBT+ family.”

We have a rich culture

Newby says:

“LGBT+ culture is all about being your authentic self and the LGBT+ creatives I look up to really influenced my journey to self-acceptance, through their art.”

We’re part of a diverse community

Alex says:

“I get to meet amazing and inspiring people of all backgrounds that help me to be more authentic, unashamed and unapologetic of being myself.”

Anna adds:

“One of my favourite parts of being LGBT+ is the access to a beautifully wonderful community of like minded, welcoming and diverse people.”

Scott agrees:

“My favourite thing about being LGBT+ is the colourful community that's full of diverse and accepting people.”

If you work in a school and would like to support your students by hearing more from our young ambassadors and their experiences growing up LGBT+, please sign up for School Diversity Week 2021 and get in touch to book a school talk – we're running them online this year, including to pupils learning at home.

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