World Religion Day: Young people on being LGBT+ and religious

To celebrate World Religion Day this Sunday, 17 January, we asked our young LGBT+ ambassadors of faith to share what the day means to them.

Our ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds, including different faiths. We asked them for their thoughts on the question “What is it like to be LGBT+ and religious?”

Lucy, who is Catholic, says:

"I’ve been a Catholic my whole life, but I’ve also been a lesbian my whole life. Both of these things are integral to me, and they don’t cancel each other out.

It’s completely possible to be LGBT+ and from a faith background!"

Siraaj, who is Muslim, adds:

"A relationship with faith should primarily be a personal one. My baseline is that faith is synonymous with compassion, understanding and love for oneself and those around you.

You don’t have to have it all figured out overnight and you’re certainly not alone!"

Seb, who is spiritual, agrees:

"At the heart of both religion and the LGBT+ community is love and there is no reason why they can’t share the same space - being LGBT+ is something to celebrate.

Exploring my own sexuality has helped me learn so much and led me to find a deeper, more honest faith."

At Just Like Us, we believe all young people should grow up knowing that being LGBT+ is a positive thing. We also know of course that faith and LGBT+ identities are able to coexist – our ambassadors’ experiences are great examples of this!

Over the last 12 months, we’ve been working with more faith schools than ever before to help make sure all pupils feel safe and welcome in their educational environments.

If you work in a faith school, or any school, you can book a school talk or join our Pride Groups community, which are both continuing through lockdowns and online learning.

Please sign up your school to celebrate School Diversity Week to receive a free toolkit of school resources.

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