Rose and Nana, hosts of Two Twos podcast, on growing up LGBT+

Rose (she/they) and Nana (she/they), hosts of the Two Twos podcast, speak to Just Like Us ambassadors about their experiences growing up, Blackness and queerness, and what they wish they could tell their younger selves on Just Like Us’ new podcast series, Growing up LGBT+.

On being LGBT+ in school

Nana: "We didn’t have inclusion classes or anything like that. It was just quite lonely and internal. I remember knowing that I was queer when I was 14 and it was just really, really lonely and I wish I’d had somebody that I could talk to. I knew that queer people existed but I had never seen specifically Black queer people so I thought that I couldn’t be queer. So I just tried to forget about it for years and years and years but obviously that didn’t work out because here I am: queer!"

Rose: "It was quite lonely. In my secondary school there were some people who were out as lesbians or bisexual people – there wasn’t much about gender identity. There was just quite a lot of homophobia towards the people who were out and I watched them receive some of that homophobia from people who were my close friends. So it was just something that I could never express and also that I even felt within myself was wrong as well, and I had to just suppress it."