LGBT+ History Month: Free resources for educators and parents now available

To celebrate LGBT+ History Month, Just Like Us has released free, inclusive resources for educators and parents as home learning continues.

The new resources, created by Just Like Us, will enable schools and families to celebrate LGBT+ History Month – founded by Schools OUT UK – and will be available all year round for free.

Free, inclusive resources for parents

Resources for parents of children in Key Stages 1 and 2 include worksheets, colouring packs, discussion prompts and scenario cards. They are designed for any parent or carer (LGBT+ or allies) to use with children at home.

As parents and carers face home learning challenges during lockdown, these free resources are designed to make home learning fun, easy and inclusive for all.

The free resources for parents of primary school age children have been co-created in collaboration with Twinkl and are available for free on Just Like Us.

Free, inclusive resources for educators

Just Like Us’ new, free resources for educators include lesson plans on LGBT+ history for Key Stage 4, and LGBT+ artists for both Key Stages 3 and 4.

The new secondary school resources feature LGBT+ history through the story of the 'Glamour Boys' as well as LGBT+ artists from Frida Kahlo to Wu Tsang.

Just Like Us' free Standing up to fascism - the spirit of "the Glamour Boys" resource is for educators teaching Key Stage 4.

Drawing from Chris Bryant MP’s book Glamour Boys: The Secret Story of the Rebels who Fought for Britain to Defeat Hitler, this resource introduces pupils to a group of MPs who led the calls to end appeasement. Influenced by their own LGBT+ or queer identities, these MPs were among the first to grasp the brutality of Nazi Germany and faced tremendous backlash as a result.

The free resource can be used in the format of a live lesson, or a lesson with a recorded section, or can be adapted into a worksheet.

In addition, Just Like Us' free Matching LGBT+ artists lesson activity is designed with Key Stage 3 in mind and as a great resource for remote learning specifically.

All of Just Like Us' free inclusive resources for educators can be found at and for a free toolkit, educators can sign up to School Diversity Week – the annual celebration of inclusive education across the UK, taking place on 21 - 25 June this year.

Former teacher and Just Like Us’ Director of Education, Emma Fay, says: “We know that, as parents and carers, you can have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of your child.

“Though we have made great progress, 45% of LGBT pupils are still bullied at school because of their sexuality or gender identity.

“Only 5% told their parents when they saw online homophobic, biphobic or transphobic content.

“We hope that by engaging with our resources, we can support parents to continue encouraging their children to open up the channels of communication.

“We’re delighted to be able to share these resources we’ve created alongside Twinkl with parents and carers, and hopefully make home learning more inclusive.

“It’s also a great way for families to celebrate LGBT+ History Month, which was founded by Schools OUT UK, while doing home learning.”

Free webinar on LGBT+ inclusion for educators

During LGBT+ History Month, Just Like Us is also running a free webinar for educators who would like to learn more about taking the first steps in making their lessons and school environments more inclusive.

Sign up for School Diversity Week 2021

Just Like Us is the charity for LGBT+ young people. Working with schools and colleges across the UK to make education more inclusive, Just Like Us runs School Diversity Week every year, taking place both online and in person from 21 to 25 June, 2021. Sign up now to take part.

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