Just Like Us ambassadors share why they love volunteering

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people's charity, runs an Ambassador Programme where LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds volunteer, get training and career mentoring, make many new friends and speak in schools about what it's like to be LGBT+ so that the next generation can be better allies.

Our ambassadors are an incredible community of different sexualities, faiths, cultures, races, classes, regions, disabilities/abilities and genders who are using their time to make positive for LGBT+ pupils in schools that may be struggling, being bullied or simply have never seen someone like them before.

You can sign up now to become a Just Like Us ambassador – training begins in October. Below are some quotes from ambassadors about why they love volunteering, and we hope you will too.

"Growing up, it wasn't easy to picture myself as an out and happy brown woman because I'd never met one. I hope that by talking with young people about being LGBT+ through JLU, I can help other BME LGBT+ young adults accept their intersecting identities." – Nushka, Durham

"I’ve told my story to hundreds of school pupils, and in the process, I’ve found an incredible community of other young LGBT+ volunteers who share my values of openness, kindness, and respect. It’s opportunities like these that have empowered me to take ownership of my story and come to terms with its most difficult elements. This has ultimately been the key factor for me in learning self-love and compassion." – Isaac, London

"Volunteering with Just Like Us has absolutely changed my life. It's been amazing to inspire so many students and to share my story. I've always felt safe and supported, and you don't need to be out to volunteer for them." – Ramses, London

"My absolute favourite thing about being a Just Like Us ambassador is the fact that I know I'm making a difference. For me at school, having a visit from somebody like myself would have been revolutionary for my understanding of my identity." – Joel, Durham

"You must be the change you want to see in the world. This is exactly why I volunteer with Just Like Us. It allows me to create a better and more positive future for LGBT+ kids." – Bart, Bristol

"Throughout my time volunteering with Just Like Us, young people are often surprised when they see a fellow South Asian person happy, open and proud as gay come into their school. It's such a rewarding experience to be able to provide kids with the coloured and cultural LGBT+ representation that I never had growing up." – Ketan, London

“So many changes are going to be made in this world because of Just Like Us and the work that they do with young people in schools. As I’m sure many do, I often think of a more inclusive world - especially one where my trans and non-binary friends are safer and more widely celebrated. I am so grateful to be a Black LGBT+ role model.” – Sam, London

If you're LGBT+, age 18 to 25 and living in the UK, we really hope you will consider becoming a Just Like Us ambassador. We can't wait to welcome you to our amazing community of LGBT+ young people, using their voices to make positive change for the next generation!

Sign up to become a Just Like Us ambassador.

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