The most spectacular thing that we have ever done at Brinsworth

Our Pride Group at Brinsworth Academy is a safe outlet where we can talk about our feelings and experiences if we’re comfortable enough to do so. It has a happy environment because every member supports each other, not just with LGBT+ related issues but with any battles we may be facing that week. Every meeting we go around the table to introduce ourselves for anyone new and chat about how our week has been. The pride flag is always laid out on the table (with snacks!) which was actually the icebreaker for me when I first joined because I was too nervous to speak at first. I’m in awe at how many people now feel that they can attend our Pride Group as our numbers have doubled!

I joined our Pride Group because I’ve known for a while that I was bisexual but I couldn’t admit it to myself; even trying to saying it in the mirror made me cringe. I tried convincing myself that I was straight and that all those thoughts about girls were wrong and a “side effect” of my difficult childhood. Luckily, I had the Brinsworth Pride Group which one of my teachers said I should go along to. An extremely supportive group of staff made me feel comfortable to start to talk. After the third time I attended, I waited back and came out to one of the teachers – I don’t know how but it was out. Once I had told her I couldn’t believe the relief I felt. If it wasn’t for our Pride Group I’d still be beating myself up for having the same feelings towards both men and women but now I’m proud to say that I’m bisexual

Ever since I came out I’ve been getting involved in every aspect of our Pride Group. In July, we held a community afternoon in our main hall where the attraction was the ‘Brinsworth Bake Off’. Anyone with connections to the school was invited as well as any current students in the Pride Group or who had baked an LGBT+ themed cake. It was such a lovely atmosphere – everyone was so supportive and I’m so proud of what our Pride Group was able to organise. We raised money for the group through a piñata, a tombola, selling slices of cake and thanks to some amazing individuals who donated. The school’s music department came down to the hall for two students to play the piano and sing. In my opinion, it was the most spectacular thing that we have ever done at Brinsworth. All the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each person that I spoke to wanted it to occur again next year – it definitely will!

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