Sir Vince Cable's message for School Diversity Week 2018

School Diversity Week is all about recognising the exceptional work of LGBT+ role models, volunteers and teachers across the country. They are championing equality issues in schools, and celebrating them through the School Star Awards.

This week is all about making people aware of what it means to be a young LGBT+ person, and about making sure that LGBT+ people have the support they deserve from an early age.

It’s also recognising that LGBT+ people are role models to all of us - one of my heroes and a local resident was Alan Turing, a gay man who pioneered code-breaking during the Second World War, but despite the contribution he made to this country, he faced persecution, discrimination because of his sexuality, and eventually killed himself.

No young person in 2018 should grow up feeling alone, ashamed or subject to prejudice or bullying of that kind.

I want to thank Just Like Us for promoting School Diversity Week and for welcoming us all to play a part in encouraging LGBT+ people to be themselves and to be their best. So please sign up to the Rainbow Ribbon Campaign today and find out how your school can take action by visiting the website.

On behalf of the Liberal Democrats, I would like to thank Just Like Us for their work and I wish them all the best in the future.

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