Tips for getting press coverage

Make sure you prepare everything before the event is due to happen.
Newspapers won’t report on anything which happened too long ago. Tell the
press in plenty of time, not the same day or the day before. A week beforehand
is about right and gives them plenty of time to put it in diaries and plan.

If you call, think about when would be the best time. The day the paper goes
to press is a bad time, and mornings are generally better than afternoons.

Point out to them anything interesting or unusual about
your event, such as if anyone famous is attending.

Share your phone number and email, and make sure you’re checking
them on the day.

Tell us about it! We’d love to know about any good press you get,
and share it with other schools and colleges to inspire them.

It pays to know someone by name. Find someone at the broadcast
station, newspaper or website who can help you. We’d recommend an
education correspondent, someone focussing on your local area, or the
news editor. Ring them up and see if they’re willing to have a chat.

You can use our draft press release, but if you write your own, remember
the key information: who is involved, what are they doing, when are
they doing it, where is it happening and why is it happening.

Photos are important, and sometimes essential. If the newspaper
aren’t sending a photographer along and you think you think you
might forget - ask a responsible student to be in charge.

Have a succinct quote ready so you can share it on the spot.