Support Just Like Us
as a university or college student officer or society
What is Just Like Us?
Just Like Us is a national LGBT+ charity. Our vision is a world where young LGBT+ people live awesome lives.
Our UK network of 180 LGBT+ young adult ‘ambassadors’ - like Emma and Madlen to the right - make LGBT+ people visible to LGBT+ kids who need role models and non-LGBT+ kids who can become allies.
How do we work with with students and societies?
We are a charity by and for LGBT+ young people.
We recruit and train LGBT+ students to volunteer in schools. We work closely with student societies and officers to campaign, raise funds and boost the cause of LGBT+ equality in education.
Our work wouldn't be possible without the partnership of university and college societies. We want to work with you!

How LGBT+ societies and reps play a part

UK student groups and officers support our vision for LGBT+ equality and visibility in the school system, through single actions and year-round partnership
in the autumn term we recruit and train our volunteer LGBT+ ambassadors from amongst your student body
support us by:
  • inviting us to your start-of-term events
  • promoting our volunteer roles at freshers' fair, on social media and emails
in the spring term we do a lot of schools work, sending ambassadors into schools and convincing new schools to work on LGBT+ equality
support us by:
in the summer term and summer holiday we re-build relationships with new LGBT+ society committees for next year, and urge schools to take part in School Diversity Week
support us by:
  • meeting with us to co-plan the year ahead in your area
Interested? Leave your details
Student officers have done many things, large and small, to support our work on behalf of LGBT+ students, including:
  • updating us on term and exam dates so we can plan our training and events accordingly​
  • featuring us in student blogs and newspapers to raise our profile
  • getting lgbt+ students and allies involved in creative fundraising activities
Are you interested in working with Just Like Us in your university/college town? Leave your details or email We'd love to talk through ideas with you.

As an officer or society, why get involved with us?

When LGBT+ officers do so much for their students already, why do they get involved in Just Like Us?
Benefits to LGBT+ students
Breaking out of the university/college bubble improves students' mental health and study stress
Getting involved in local social action supporting LGBT+ school kids is a huge achievement
Student volunteers get access to training and development programmes that benefit them personally and professionally
Some students see Just Like Us like an LGBT+ alumni network: an LGBT+ community that they can keep after graduating
Benefits to societies and officers
A free, simple and flexible way to make local LGBT+ community action a part of your provision to students
Charity partnerships often give societies an edge during nominations for awards and funding
Being in a wider network of LGBT+ student groups makes quick collective actions like the #NoOutsidersMatters campaign possible
In recognition of their support, LGBT+ societies are often invited to Just Like Us national events

Just Like Us activity near you

LGBT+ students and officers can get involved with us all around the UK, and in seven specific regions
elsewhere in the uk