Misc. lesson resources

LGBT+ Rights around the world

■ Article LGBT+ relationships are illegal in 74 countries around the world”

■ Article “Gay men in Chechnya are being tortured and killed”

■ Video: This Is What LGBT Life Is Like Around the World

■ Infographic: LGBT rights around the world


■ Why might countries differ in their attitudes to LGBT+ rights?

 How can the UK encourage other countries to do more to protect LGBT+ rights?

Gender Roles


■ Article: “Men from across the generations open up about Masculinity”

 Image: The Genderbread Person

■ Photos: Girls Will be Bois (note: not all images appropriate for school so check these before using)

■ Video: Is anatomy destiny?

■ Video: Indian Supreme Court recognises transgender people as third gender

■ Article with embedded video: The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss


 What is the difference between sex and gender?

■ What does it mean to you to be a man/boy or a woman/girl or neither?

How does gay marriage challenge traditional gender stereotypes?



 Article: Timeline: gay rights in the UK to 2003

■ Website: LGBT+ Legal Equality

■ Video: Gay Rights: Britain’s Changing Attitudes

■ Video: Nazi persecution of homosexuals during the holocaust

■ Video: Homosexual holocaust Survivor Stefan Kosinski


■ Why do you think it took so long for LGBT+ people to gain legal equality in the UK ?

■ What challenges might still face LGBT+ people even though they have LEGAL equality?

■ Why do you think homosexuals were sent to concentrations camps?

Religious Studies


■ Video: Does God hate Queers?

 Video: God and the Gay Christian


■ Why might some religious people still struggle to champion LGBT+ equality?

■ How can we promote LGBT+ equality in religious communities?

English and Drama


Website: Collection of LGBTQ Poems

Website: The Secret Language of Polari

Video: It’s not just Elsa

Video: ‘Stop all the clocks’ from Four Weddings and a Funeral - eulogy for gay partner


Why might having a secret language - Polari - have been important for gay people?

How might being LGBT+ affect the way a person writes poetry?

How can people use creative writing to address taboo issues?

Why is it important for film studios like Disney to have LGBT+ characters in their movies?

What do we learn about the love between two men from this funeral speech in Four Weddings and a Funeral? How does the actor convey the depth of his character’s emotions?

Business and Economics


■ Article: The Pink Pound

■ Video: Lloyd’s Bank Advert featuring gay marriage proposal

■ Video: Why being diverse matters for business

■ Article: LGBT+ purchasing power nears $1 trillion rivals other minorities


■ If you ran a business, how could you make it appeal to LGBT+ consumers?

■ If you ran a business, how would you make sure that LGBT+ employees felt able to be themselves at work?



■ Video: Is anatomy destiny?

■ Video: Alan Turing [3.30min]

■ Video: Is homosexuality nurture or nature?


■ What is the difference between sex and gender?

■ What does it mean to you to be a man/boy or a woman/girl or neither?

■ Does it matter if sexual orientation is the result of nature or nurture?