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What is School Diversity Week?

School Diversity Week encourages school staff across the UK to run activities celebrating LGBT+ equality in education, and the resources they use are an essential aspect to its success. These resources enable educators to improve the lives of LGBT+ young people, driving down bullying and letting pupils know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated.

2020 was our most successful campaign to date:

  • We engaged organisations representing 1.97 million young people, up from 1.4 the year before

  • We reached 193 out of 226 Local Authorities in the UK 

  • Over 5,000 people viewed our online resources, up 63%.

  • 18,000 engagements on social media, with a 390% increase in new follower

How do I get involved?


We’d love for you to create a resource in your specialist area. You can see the sort of content we put together in our resource library, but it’d be completely down to you what you’d like to make.

After it’s made, send it to us - we’ll be including our favourites on our toolkit,, send it to our mailing list of 4000+ school staff, and share on social media. We’d make sure everyone knows it’s your resource, and give you a shoutout.

Want to work with us more closely? Get in touch at

Why create a resource?

  • Together, we'll improve the lives of LGBT+ young people by making education more inclusive

  • You’ll be part of a national campaign to promote LGBT+ equality and support young LGBT+ people, at an unprecedented time when we know LGBT+ young people may be further isolated.

  • You'll be demonstrating to your network your commitment to equality and diversity in education

  • We’ll raise awareness of resources we think are the best and love the most through our social media channels, publicising it beforehand and sharing highlights afterwards. Across our social media platforms, we have over 15,000 followers, with a combined monthly reach of over 300,000 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • (We hope) it’ll be fun!

Interested? Here are the next steps:


  1. Download our social media assets pack for when you're ready to share the news with your network

  2. Tweet your support for School Diversity Week – tag @JustLikeUsUK and use #SchoolDiversityWeek

  3. Have a question? Email us at and we'll be happy to help

  4. Email us links to your resources once they’re created at

Frequently asked questions

What kind of resource should I make?

It could be anything: a single activity, a lesson, even a scheme of learning. It could be guidance, a template, a poster, or even an online game. Anything at all. The resource must be about, or feature, LGBT+ people or themes. 

What age group is it targeted at? 

Any age group. All kinds of educational establishments participate in School Diversity Week, from nurseries to Further Education colleges, so you can design it for whichever age group best suits you.

What are the key principles to bear in mind when making the resource?

  • At Just Like Us, we believe that all our resources are to be as inclusive and relevant as possible. We create resources which young people can access regardless of their age and never make assumptions about their level of knowledge. 

  • We like our resources to be engaging and fun for pupils. 

  • We try to create opportunities for pupils to be active participants; including giving them the space to share their own experiences and thoughts. 

  • Our resources should be as relevant as possible for schools and pupils. That means we always try to link the content to the curriculum so that it compliments what is being taught in class. Likewise, we try to create resources that speak to young people and include topics that are engaging to them. This could be content that has recently been in the news for example. 

  • As much as possible, we keep the topics up to date and they should reflect the latest information and sector knowledge

What safeguarding concerns should I bear in mind when creating my resource?

  • Encourage school contacts to follow their existing safeguarding policy and procedures

  • Do not leave any contact details or personal information in the resource

  • Ensure language is appropriate

  • Ensure any external links and content, e.g. YouTube videos, are age appropriate

  • Include relevant details for sources of support, both in-school and out of school if needed.

How do I include LGBT+ content?

All kinds of ways! This might include:

  • Discovering an aspect of LGBT+ history

  • Finding out about a notable LGBT+ person

  • Thinking about different family structures, including LGBT+ families

  • Considering how to be respectful of other people

  • An LGBT+ aspect of your subject

  • Including LGBT+ people in the questions or examples you set

  • Whatever you choose, make sure that you’re clued up on how to talk about LGBT+ people.


Make sure the fundamental principles of your resource are:

  • LGBT+ people exist

  • It’s okay to be LGBT+

  • It’s normal to be LGBT+

  • LGBT+ lives are not up for debate

  • Be clear in what you hope they learn from the resource

  • Encourage empathy

What happens if most pupils are learning from home in June?

We hope they won’t be. But School Diversity Week will still go ahead, so if possible, aim to make your content accessible for pupils learning online.