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Across the UK, all school pupils and students, except for those who are the children of identified key workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, were sent home indefinitely after the final bell on Friday 20th March.

We know that many LGBT+ young people who are out at school remain closeted at home for fear of hostility. The next few weeks will be especially difficult for them and Just Like Us will rise to the challenge of supporting them at home.

To support them, we will need your help. If you can afford to do so at this time, please consider signing up to make a regular gift or making a one-off gift towards the work of Just Like Us by clicking one of the buttons above.

Just Like Us supporters are committed to realising our vision of a world where LGBT+ young people live awesome lives. Thanks to people like you:

  • 85% of school pupils we work with say they are less likely to be homophobic in their words or actions

  • 88% understand why everyone should care about LGBT+ equality

  • 80% of our ambassadors say Just Like Us made them better able to be openly LGBT+ in their first job, double the national average. 

Thank you for considering supporting us. 

“Until I did the JLU training, public speaking was my worst nightmare and I avoided it wherever possible. Now it’s something I do happily. JLU invests lots of time and energy in ensuring their volunteers continue being confident, LGBT+ trailblazers.”  
- Ambassador
"I think they were the best assemblies delivered by an outside speaker we've had. I only wish that all of our students could've heard all your stories.”
- Teacher
“My outlook on my own behaviour has changed - jokes I have made in past have been distasteful and will not continue”
- School Pupil