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Why volunteer on our Ambassador Programme?

Use your voice, develop skills and find community.

If you’re LGBT+, age 18-25 and living in the UK, you can volunteer on our Ambassador Programme.

  • Speak in schools to help stop anti-LGBT+ bullying
  • Take part in skills workshops, such as leadership and wellbeing
  • Write for media outlets like GAY TIMES
  • Get a LGBT+ career mentor
  • Meet LGBT+ friends

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A Just Like Us volunteer holding a trans Pride flag
A Just Like Us volunteering giving a school talk

'Just Like Us has really made me a better person'

"I grew up in a very small town with little to no representation. To be able to offer that in schools and to change that is such an amazing experience. I've had people come out during my talks.

"Just Like Us has really made me a better person. I've found lots of friends, I've gained so many skills, and I'm so excited for you to be a part of this."
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Just Like Us volunteer ambassador Ramses

Volunteer to mentor a LGBT+ young adult

If you’re over 25 and LGBT+, you could support a young person through career mentoring.

  • Share your skills and experience as a LGBT+ senior professional to help a LGBT+ young adult starting out in their career for one year
  • Make new connections, learn from each other and get access to support to structure your mentorship
  • Attend a launch event, supported by Travers Smith, to kickstart your mentoring
  • Help the next generation enter the world of work with Pride
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A mentor video calling a mentee
A Just Like Us volunteer sat with a laptop next to several LGBT+ Pride flags

Rakesh Anand, a Just Like Us mentor

"I want to provide others like me with a role model, support and increased visibility."
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One of Just Like Us' volunteer mentors, Rakesh Anand

Donate to support LGBT+ young people