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Just Like Us supporters are committed to realising our vision of a world where LGBT+ young people live awesome lives. Thanks to people like you:

  • 85% of school pupils we work with say they are less likely to be homophobic in their words or actions

  • 88% understand why everyone should care about LGBT+ equality

  • 80% of our ambassadors say Just Like Us made them better able to be openly LGBT+ in their first job, double the national average. 

Thank you for considering supporting us. 

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£5 a month could fund travel expenses so that our Ambassadors can visit schools poorly connected by public transport.
Benefits include:
  • Quarterly newsletter featuring updates and news from the Just Like Us team and our Ambassadors
  • Just Like Us Supporters lapel pin
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£15 a month could help build our video library of personal accounts from young LGBT+ volunteers, allowing ambassadors to spread messages championing LGBT+ equality far and wide.
Benefits include all those listed above +
  • Invitation to biannual networking evening
  • Just Like Us merchandise
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£25 a month could help establish and run a Pride Group Programme in a school, creating a safe space for LGBT+ pupils in schools.
Benefits include all those listed above +
  • Invitation to Just Like Us drinks reception
  • Personal thank you letter from Just Like Us Ambassador
“Until I did the JLU training, public speaking was my worst nightmare and I avoided it wherever possible. Now it’s something I do happily. JLU invests lots of time and energy in ensuring their volunteers continue being confident, LGBT+ trailblazers.”  
- Ambassador
"I think they were the best assemblies delivered by an outside speaker we've had. I only wish that all of our students could've heard all your stories.”
- Teacher
“My outlook on my own behaviour has changed - jokes I have made in past have been distasteful and will not continue”
- School Pupil