Event timeline and checklist

To help you make your event a success, we’ve included a checklist of some of the things you might want to think about.

The key to a stress-free event is getting everything done in good time, and delegating out responsibilities so no one feels overwhelmed. We’ve included suggested dates and steps to get more people involved.

Don’t forget to ask your Pride Group or Student Leadership Team to get involved. If you don’t have an

existing team, we’ve included forming the team in the
plan below.


Make a note of everything that needs to be done


Put tasks in the order they need to be done


Set deadlines for when they need to be done


Assign responsibility for each item to a member of the team


Anticipate what could go wrong along the way and plan to avoid this happening


Advertise the event multiple times and in different ways to boost attendance

Top tips for a successful event

Suggested timeline is based on running a SDW event between 22-26 June, but we know you might running an event at another time due to school closures. 

Event -8 weeks

Get your Community Action Team together

Event -7 weeks

Community Action Team first meeting: identifying your event

Event -6 weeks

Community Action Team second meeting: thinking about publicity

Event -4 weeks 

Community Action Team third meeting: getting resorces together

Event -3 weeks (week beginning 10 June)

Community Action Team fourth meeting: optional based on progress

Event -2 weeks (week beginning 17 June)

Community Action Team fifth meeting: getting the word out

Event -1 week

Community Action Team sixth meeting: last minute checks