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Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

Growing up trans: Roan's story

My name hasn't always been Roan. I wasn't lucky enough to get a gender neutral name at birth. I thought I had a normal growing up, which involved lots of playing, eating chocolate and maybe even torturing my younger brother - but only once or twice. I was very lucky that my parents never cared what toys I played with, from Thomas the Tank Engine to dolls. I was allowed to make my choices regardless of whether they were 'meant' for boys or girls. Then I hit school and that all changed. Girls were to be girls and boys to be boys. I often felt like I needed to change who I was to try to fit in. I wanted to be one of the boys and yet I was repeatedly told that I had to be one of the girls. I co

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