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Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

Unity in Diversity

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School in Lincolnshire was lucky enough to again participate in School Diversity Week, a national celebration of inclusion. The school’s social action group worked hard organising a variety of events that every student could participate in. Funds raised went towards Just Like Us and the school library to expand the variety of fiction focused on diversity. As well as raising money, School Diversity Week was aimed at raising awareness among students and staff to combat instances of misinformation or homophobia. On Monday, we raised the pride flag and our week began. Rainbow ribbons provided by Just Like Us were sold around form rooms every day, thanks to the supp

Celebrating diversity at The Queen's School

The aim at Queens has always been to instil every student with the confidence that they can take every opportunity offered to them. An important part of this is teaching that whoever they may be, they are worthy of success. Diversity plays a big part in this as it allows us to celebrate all the different cultures, ethnicities and sexualities that are found at our school. School Diversity Week for us at Queens meant festivity and remembrance; remembering how far we’ve come and acknowledging those who helped get us here. We commemorated pride with a week of LGBT+ themed films, books and rainbow treats in the library every day at lunch. One of the films we watched was called ‘Pride’ and as muc

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