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Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

Changing a culture and celebrating diversity

How do we foster an environment of respect, acceptance and equality? How do we encourage young people to ask questions, challenge their existing ways of thinking and consider the diversity around them as positive and enriching? School Diversity Week for Ash Green Academy was really the closing event of a year-long initiative to tackle HBT bullying by creating an inclusive community and celebrating the various identities of students in our school. The week began with teachers in all subject areas delivering a lesson celebrating diversity and using the incredible teaching resources provided by Just Like Us. At the same time, teachers in a variety of subject areas (including Drama, MFL, History

The most spectacular thing that we have ever done at Brinsworth

Our Pride Group at Brinsworth Academy is a safe outlet where we can talk about our feelings and experiences if we’re comfortable enough to do so. It has a happy environment because every member supports each other, not just with LGBT+ related issues but with any battles we may be facing that week. Every meeting we go around the table to introduce ourselves for anyone new and chat about how our week has been. The pride flag is always laid out on the table (with snacks!) which was actually the icebreaker for me when I first joined because I was too nervous to speak at first. I’m in awe at how many people now feel that they can attend our Pride Group as our numbers have doubled! I joined our Pr

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