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I actually appreciated the challenges brought about by School Diversity Week

Dallam School is a state comprehensive in the North West of England and just south of the Lake District, with around 1000 students. This year was their first time taking part in School Diversity Week. We’re a state boarding school, so we have 100+ international boarders: these students enrich the school, give us a different world view, and make us unique. It’s a really friendly school and just a nice place to be. When I took on line management of PSHE, I immediately started getting emails from all kinds of people - and one of those included Just Like Us. It was the JLU pack which inspired me to bring School Diversity Week to Dallam - but first let me give a little bit of context. Previously

I am proud to say that I have been an activist and helped make School Diversity Week happen in my sc

Recently another pupil asked me “Why do we even need this diversity week?” The simple answer, to me, is that our school should try to to help normalise different sexualities and gender identities. Secondary school is the time where identity is discovered and questioned, so by supporting different paths, my school helps pupils feel safe and comfortable with how they identify. The school has not done anything like this in the past, so it’s time now. Sadly, so many people in the UK still believe these paths are wrong. This deeply upsets me. I don't understand why some people are so full of hate that they have to project it onto people who are just trying to be happy. Why should someone's prefer

I’ve never felt closer to a group of people before discovering my Pride Group friends

The LGBT+ community in my school is a welcoming and loving community that celebrates pride, diversity and individuality. And you don’t need to be LGBT+ to be part of it: I have found myself so welcomed in as an ally. Being a part of the community as an ally has helped me meet new people and form new amazing friendships. I’ve never felt closer to a group of people before discovering my LGBT+ community friends and I’ve grown to have a better understanding of society and the world itself. Our Umbrella club started off being a small group of people, ‘chilling’ and talking about our lives without worrying about being judged. One of the first things we did to raise awareness of the group was have

School Diversity Week is a catalyst to bring about change: it gives me a voice

Diversity week gives us students power, and most importantly it encourages us to talk. It gives us the chance to talk about what makes us so unique, but potentially so similar in the way that we want equality. We want to show how accepting we are and reveal our true colours without fear. School Diversity Week is one way that we can do this. It means so much to me, as I can stand up to those who oppose me, show that we are all different and say: that is beautiful. Before realising I was gay, I didn’t know anyone who was like me. When I first joined Trinity School, there was no explicit reference to the LGBT+ community. I felt that the homophobic name-calling went largely unchallenged by staff

Breaking the LGBT+ legacy of silence

My mission to make the school I work in LGBT+ inclusive was sparked by these simple questions from a pupil in a lesson I was covering: “Miss, are you gay?”, and, “How did you first know?” For many teachers of my generation who grew up in the shadow of Section 28, we would never have dreamt of asking this question, knowing even the most sympathetic of teachers would be reduced to an awkward silence. Being LGBT+ wasn’t something you talked about. Ever. Even when I began teaching in 2009, long after the repeal of Section 28, there seemed to be a legacy of silence around the mention of LGBT+ wellbeing or rainbow families. So in the interests of the emotional wellbeing of the pupils at school, as

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