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“There’s No Need to Make Fictional Characters Gay.” Discuss.

When the trailer to the popular video game The Last of Us: Part II was released in 2017, one of the first things I saw was a great public discussion about the fact that one of the main characters, Ellie, is seen kissing a girl. Some of the main comments that were posted online after the trailer was released revolve around the opinion that the topic of homosexuality is nothing more than an unnecessary distraction within the game. One commenter said: ‘Homosexuality has absolutely no relevance to the masterful post-pandemic world that Neil and Bruce created and, frankly, doesn’t make a person more or less important or relatable, therefore why add it?’ Personally, I have also encountered people

Use a label if it empowers you, but that's not the only way to be LGBT+

I grew up in Germany, in a Catholic family. To give you an impression on how religious my family is, my dad studied to become a priest, but later decided against that and have a family. We would go to church every Sunday and would pray daily. My first memory of hearing about the LGBT community was through a homophobic remark from my dad when we accidentally came across a pride event. In primary school, “gay” was used as a slur, even though most of us children did not even know what that actually meant. Already in primary school I felt like I didn’t fit in with the other girls, as I liked climbing trees and didn’t like playing with barbies. I also preferred to play catch instead of playing ho

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