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Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

The gaming world, when you're LGBT+

I'm Finley, a non-binary, bisexual transgender person who is also a massive gamer. I've grown up around games, first on my dad's SEGA Mega Drive through all sorts of mediums to my current hobby: tabletop games. I've even run a YouTube channel about gaming for six years. Yeah, I'm THAT geek. Being LGBTQ+ in the gaming world is both a blessing and a curse. When the real world gets too tough, games have allowed me to escape into another world and recreate myself as whoever I want to be. On the other hand, slurs, hate speech and inappropriate “debates” about LGBTQ+ identities are common in the gaming world. The world is not all fun and games, so to speak (and pun intended!). When my classmat

Why I volunteer to champion LGBT+ equality

I discovered this amazing charity back in 2016, during my final year as an undergrad student. Since then, through being an LGBT+ ambassador I have contributed positively to the life of so many LGBT+ teenagers! But something I really couldn’t have imagined before volunteering with the charity, is how much being a JLU ambassador would empower myself as a confident LGBT+ young person. Having grown up in a very rural and conservative environment, where being openly gay is out of question, I knew first hand how hard and isolating it can be to grow up as an LGBT+ teenager. The idea of the JLU Ambassador Programme is to send LGBT+ young adults to secondary schools to discuss sexual orientation and

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