Voices of Just Like Us

Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

Launch of the 2018 Mentoring Programme

Building on the success of its pilot year, Just Like Us is delighted to launch the second year of a pioneering mentoring scheme in partnership with Travers Smith. The scheme aims to give LGBT+ graduates the skills, confidence and support they need as they transition from university life to full time employment. Entering the workplace can be daunting experience for LGBT+ people. Many LGBT+ people come out at university, but a staggering 60 per cent go back into the closet when they start their careers. Having to conceal your identity or sexual orientation can have a major impact on one's ability to have a productive and fulfilling career. Research conducted by Stonewall demonstrates that peop

This Volunteers' Week we're celebrating our courageous Ambassadors

To mark the end of Volunteers' Week, Chief Executive, Tim Ramsey, shares why our Just Like Us Ambassadors are so inspiring. When I first explained the model for Just Like Us to people, there was a common criticism: no one was going to get up 6.30am, walk twenty minutes to a bus, travel forty-five minutes to a school and then deliver a workshop. They'd say this even before I’d mentioned that those “people” happened to be students. At that point, it was game over. There was no way a lazy group of students would do this voluntarily. Two years later, Just Like Us has trained over 100 LGBT+ students to be relatable role models for kids in schools. As volunteers, they complete three days of traini

School Diversity Week lets young people know being LGBT+ is something they can talk about

This speech was delivered by Emma, a Just Like Us Ambassador, at a special reception in the Houses of Parliament, sponsored by JP Morgan Thank you all for being here to celebrate the launch of this exciting week! My name is Emma and I’m an ambassador for Just Like Us. I am 21, I study Geography, I love Theatre, and I go into schools to talk about my experience growing up gay. And that’s what all Just Like Us’ ambassadors do, we go into schools and talk about our personal experiences of being LGBT+ and clear up any misconceptions people might have. My school was a rural state school called Hartismere. It equipped me with an excellent academic education and a set of exam results that allow

"School Diversity Week to me means a celebration of being different and saying to everyone just

This speech was delivered by Oscar at a special reception in the Houses of Parliament, sponsored by JP Morgan It hasn’t been easy being a gay teenager. I have had problems with bullying and people making cruel comments – calling me queer, gay, weirdo, strange. But I am proud of who I am and I am proud to be here today. My school has an LGBTQ group who meet every week. We can sit, talk, paint, draw, write, hold hands and just be ourselves. We have wrapped a rainbow ribbon around a tree in the playground and we fly the rainbow flag. We’re having an evening visit to the cinema together soon and it will be great to just be who we want to be. At my school we have children who are gay, lesbian, tr

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