Voices of Just Like Us

Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

Prime Minister recognises JLU volunteer's work championing LGBT+ equality

After experiencing homophobia in the classroom, Rory Smith returned to his school as an adult to speak about his experiences as a gay teenager. In February 2016, he started volunteering with Tim Ramsey, who is now CEO of ‘Just Like Us’, and the pair began recruiting LGBT+ undergraduate ambassadors to speak in schools about the impact of causal homophobia, reaching over 15,000 young people so far. Rory has helped to launch a series of major initiatives, including a pilot mentoring programme and an annual ‘School Diversity Week’, which is supported by the Department for Education. In a personal letter to Rory, Prime Minister Theresa May said: “Through ‘Just Like Us’, you are helping to improve

We want to raise children who accept who we are

Fifty years ago this month, the Sexual Offences Act decriminalising homosexuality was passed in the UK. The bill was less a triumph for gay rights as a grudging admission of the failure of criminalisation. It turned out there were other ways of humiliating homosexuals than sending them to prison. As Roy Jenkins, Home Secretary at the time said: “Those who suffer from this disability carry a great weight of shame all their lives.” Fifty years later, over 250,000 pupils across the UK are today taking part in School Diversity Week, run by the charity Just Like Us, to celebrate LGBT equality in education. A long way from the “weight of shame”, or even from Clause 28, the 1988 Act that prohibited

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