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Just Like Us staff and ambassadors, educators and LGBT+ young people make up the voices of Just Like Us

'I no longer needed to hide or feel ashamed of who I am' The reality of growing up gay in Wa

I started to notice I was different from others aged 13. Yes, I loved Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, but I soon realised I didn’t like girls. Like most high schools being popular was a constant pressure. I knew being gay was negative. History was gay. Ugly shoes look gay. Anything bad was gay. And I never heard a teacher call it out and explain why saying that was wrong. Without them or friends to support I felt being gay wasn’t right – it was a problem and socially unacceptable. For so long I hated myself for being attracted to men – I thought it was a disease rather than something positive to take pride in as a part of who I am. Once I was confronted with the question of if I was gay, worrie

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