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A non-uniform day to celebrate LGBTIs in UK schools is coming

A school leader recently told me: ‘I’m not sure this school is ready for homosexuals.’ So no wonder homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying can go unreported for a very long time. For pupils coming to terms with their sexuality, complaining about ‘gay’ being used negatively or being bullied is tantamount to coming out. That can be terrifying. Just Like Us has launched UK School Diversity Week (20 to 24 June) to bring a more positive and proactive approach to challenging discrimination and celebrating difference. Schools across the country will be holding a non-uniform day, wearing diversity bands and other events in the biggest celebration of LGBTI diversity in education. At school, I

Why it's essential we tackle homophobia in schools

“Oi, Brandy, why don’t you just bring a skirt and play netball with the girls?” Strange how a question can be so embarrassing and yet so appealing. Well, the netball part, less so the skirt. You don’t mess with rugby in Wales, and one of my games teachers was losing patience. I’d skulked along the sidelines all lesson, missing every tackle. In fact, that pretty much summed up my approach to school in general, at least for the first few years of comprehensive. I had close friends, but I avoided any opportunity to stick out. I’d drive myself mad with anxiety before rugby, sometimes to the point of throwing up. I knew I was different, but more than that, I knew the danger of anyone noticing it.

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