Just Like Us offers unique online volunteering opportunity for LGBT+ young adults

by Just Like Us
September 2023

LGBT+ young adults sit next to each other on a sofa volunteering with Just Like Us

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, is looking for volunteers aged 18 to 25 to speak in schools about growing up LGBT+. 

Just Like Us’ unique Ambassador Programme allows LGBT+ young people to benefit from a range of opportunities, like career mentoring, skills workshops, media opportunities and community building with other LGBT+ young people, as well as providing them with training to speak in schools and prevent anti-LGBT+ bullying. 

The charity will run two-day volunteering training events throughout the year, both online and in person. The first training session will take place on 14 and 15 October 2023 online. 

Attendees will learn all they need to know to become a fully trained Just Like Us Ambassador alongside other like-minded LGBT+ young adults in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.

Rayyan Aboobaker, a Just Like Us Ambassador, said: “Just Like Us has helped me immensely. 

“It has introduced me to fellow LGBT+ people who are so lovely and accepting, allowed me to feel comfortable in being myself and opening up about my identity, and has given me a sense of pride that I can educate young people about the LGBT+ community, when I didn’t have such a privilege at school.”

Laura Mackay, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, said: “Just Like Us Ambassadors do incredible work bringing LGBT+ representation to schools, representation many of them never had. 

“Not only do they change the lives of school pupils across the UK, creating an atmosphere of inclusion and understanding in the classroom and helping to prevent anti-LGBT+ bullying, they are also able to take advantage of the amazing opportunities the programme offers, from LGBT+ career mentors, to sharing their experiences in the media

“Our volunteers can attend their training and deliver school talks in person or online, making volunteering on our Ambassador Programme accessible to all LGBT+ young people, and we look forward to welcoming new ambassadors soon.”