Thousands of schools across the UK celebrate School Diversity Week 2023

by Just Like Us
June 2023

School pupils watch a video in a classroom decorated with rainbow bunting for School Diversity Week

More than 6,000 schools across the UK began celebrating LGBT+ inclusion on Monday (26 June), kicking off School Diversity Week 2023. 

This year, the UK-wide celebration of LGBT+ equality runs from 26 – 30 June. 

Just Like Us provides free, ready-to-go resources so that teachers can make their lessons and celebrations LGBT+ inclusive in an educational and age appropriate way.

For the first time this year, there are also specific resources for faith schools, SEND school, and bilingual resources in Welsh and English, so that all schools have access to LGBT+ inclusion.

Resources range from LGBT+ inclusive history and geography lessons, to storytime activities with children’s authors to assemblies and school talks from Just Like Us, to fundraisers with Rainbow Ribbons and even a Rainbow Friday dress-up day.

The free resources range from EYFS to KS5 as well as all key subject areas – including posters, lesson plans, assemblies, form time activities and video resources.

Being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated! poster in a secondary school for School Diversity Week 2023

Just Like Us’ latest research report, Positive Futures, found that the vast majority of (74%) of LGBT+ young adults wish that LGBT+ inclusive education began in primary school or nursery. 

It also shows that LGBT+ young people who grow up with unsupportive school and home environments are four times as likely to feel ashamed of being LGBT+ (41% vs 9%), and are half as likely to feel good about themselves (41% vs 89%). 

School staff can sign up for School Diversity Week to access the free resources. 

Laura Mackay, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, said: “It is absolutely wonderful to see how many schools UK-wide are celebrating School Diversity Week and taking meaningful action to foster LGBT+ inclusion. 

“We know that positive LGBT+ representation in schools is vital for LGBT+ young people to feel safe, valued and supported, and also that all pupils, whether they are LGBT+ or not, benefit from LGBT+ inclusion.

“I am proud that we are able to offer such a broad range of resources to help schools on their inclusion journey, and hope for a future when all young people know that being LGBT+ is nothing to be ashamed of.”