Pride products donating to charity Just Like Us in 2023

by Just Like Us
June 2023

Pride products 2023: side by side images of Eylure's good to glow lashes and Garnier's limited edition micellar water

Products that donate a portion of their proceeds to charities that empower and uplift LGBT+ people are an excellent way to show solidarity during Pride month 2023.

By choosing these products, you not only express your support but also contribute to organisations like Just Like Us, which works to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBT+ young people across the UK.

Garnier Micellar Pride edition

Garnier Pride micellar water bottle

For Pride month 2023, Garnier has teamed up with Just Like Us to create a limited edition Micellar water, the UK’s #1 skincare product.

Garnier will be donating £50,000 to Just Like Us through sales of the limited edition Micellar water to support School Diversity Week.

Garnier’s Micellar Pride edition is suitable for all skin types and with each use, you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting Just Like Us and helping more than 6,000 schools UK-wide to celebrate LGBT+ equality for young people.

Eylure Good to Glow Pride lashes

Eylure good to glow Pride lashes

Lash brand Eylure has released the brand new Good To Glow lashes for Pride.

The glow in the dark UV lashes last for up to 18 hours and the products include adhesive, making them perfect for any Pride event in 2023.

With every purchase of Eylure’s Pride Good to Glow lashes, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Just Like Us, helping the charity to continue working with thousands of schools and young people across the UK to enable LGBT+ young people to thrive.

Pineapple Island Pride collection

Side by side photos: first shows two people holding hands wearing rainbow pineapple island bracelets, and the second shows two men hugging wearing pineapple island jewellery

Handmade, UK-based jewellery brand Pineapple Island has released a collection of rainbow products for Pride 2023.

The Pride collection includes bracelets, anklets and necklaces, and 20% of profits will be donated to Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity.

Why support Just Like Us?

Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity, works with thousands of schools and young people across the UK to enable LGBT+ young people to thrive.

Just Like Us’ programmes are needed now more than ever, with recent research showing that LGBT+ young adults are three times as likely to face a mental health condition than their non-LGBT+ counterparts, and more than half are estranged from family members.

Funds raised through charity products during Pride 2023 will help Just Like Us to continue supporting schools and LGBT+ young adults, helping all young people to thrive.