How to ask your teachers about celebrating School Diversity Week

by Just Like Us
May 2023

Pupils share why they love celebrating School Diversity Week

We know that so many of you want your schools to do better when it comes to LGBT+ inclusive education, anti-bullying and support.

Just Like Us is here to help make that happen.

This guide should help you with getting your school to celebrate and support LGBT+ young people this School Diversity Week.

What is School Diversity Week?

School Diversity Week takes place every June in thousands of primary and secondary schools.

This year, it’s happening 26-30 June.

Photo of a school's School Diversity Week display, which says 'At this school we all belong' and has wings made of our rainbow-coloured feathers with messages in inclusion written on them
Get involved this School Diversity Week

We believe every school should take part – because what better way than to show your fellow pupils that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated?

What does School Diversity Week actually involve?

You can celebrate in lots of different ways, including:

  • Starting a Rainbow Ribbons fundraiser for Just Like Us, to help other LGBT+ young people
  • Put up posters showing that your school community is LGBT+ inclusive – you could use the ones below by Just Like Us or make your own with friends!
  • Running an assembly about allyship
  • Having a LGBT+ talk from Just Like Us

But what if my school isn’t planning to celebrate?

What do you do if your school isn’t great on LGBT+ inclusion or isn’t planning to take part?

Well, there are lots of things YOU can do as a young person to make change.

Firstly, if you’re finding things difficult in school, please get support from Switchboard, Childline or Samaritans. They will listen to what you’re going through and help give you support.

Get your friends involved!

You’re probably most likely to have chatted to a friend about LGBT+ allyship. Why not suggest taking part in School Diversity Week to them?

It’s a huge event celebrated by millions of pupils at schools right across the UK – from Liverpool to Kent.

You could design posters together, or all approach a teacher to talk about getting involved.

Chat to a teacher you trust

Is there a teacher who is out as LGBT+ at school? Or a member of school staff who has mentioned they’re an ally?

If there’s someone you trust and feel like they might be supportive, chat to them about School Diversity Week.

Remember, School Diversity Week is for allies too! Everyone can get involved. More than 5,700 primary and secondary schools are signed up to take part already.

Plus, teachers have a responsibility to make sure their school is LGBT+ inclusive and it’s free to take part. Just Like Us will also give them all the resources they need, like lesson plans and posters.

So there’s no reason why a teacher shouldn’t sign up!

Fundraise to help LGBT+ young people thrive: A School Diversity Week fundraising event
Thousands of teachers and pupils get involved every year

You can even show them this page, or direct them to our School Diversity Week page for teachers.

In our experience, most teachers would LOVE to hear about something their pupils are interested in. You might give them the encouragement they need to step up their allyship!

Tell Just Like Us

If you’re not sure about asking a teacher, then you can get in touch with Just Like Us and we can chat to them instead! Make sure you let us know the name of your school so we can speak to teachers there and encourage them to take part. And don’t worry, you’ll remain anonymous.