Run a Pride fundraiser to help LGBT+ young people

by Just Like Us
May 2023

Two Just Like Us ambassadors smile together behind a Pride flags

Creating a Pride fundraiser for Just Like Us could help so many LGBT+ young people across the UK.

By supporting Just Like Us, you will not only be empowering the next generation but also showing them that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated.

Today, 42% of LGBT+ school pupils are bullied. They are twice as likely to face mental health challenges, such as being lonely on a daily basis, and they feel far less safe in school than their straight peers.

But you can help change this by running a Pride fundraiser in your workplace, school or wherever you think might be willing to support LGBT+ young people!

How to start your Pride fundraiser:

  1. Set up your JustGiving page and order your pack of Rainbow Ribbons
  2. Set a date, time and place for your fundraiser. Get in touch so that we can send you posters/graphics to spread the word!
  3. Ask for a £1 donation to Just Like Us for every Rainbow Ribbon

Rainbow Ribbons

Rainbow Ribbons are a visible display of allyship with the LGBT+ community. They’re a fantastic way to fundraise for Just Like Us and therefore support LGBT+ young people.

Rainbow Ribbons for LGBT+ school fundraisers
Rainbow Ribbons are the perfect way to show your support

Suggested fundraiser donation is £1 per Rainbow Ribbon to Just Like Us.

How your Pride fundraiser will help LGBT+ young people

You’ll be helping LGBT+ young people in so many ways. For example:

  • £275 could help a LGBT+ young person get a mentor
  • £100 could cover costs to deliver a LGBT+ school talk
  • £50 could help Just Like Us create a LGBT+ inclusive lesson plan for schools

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you with your fundraiser.

Isaac, a Just Like Us ambassador, waving a transgender flag
Start your Pride fundraiser and help LGBT+ young people today

Thank you for helping LGBT+ young people – this is a critical time and we couldn’t do our work without your support.