What is a Pride Group? Why join Just Like Us’ Pride Groups programme?

by Just Like Us
December 2022

Pride Groups in action at a secondary school

What is a Pride Group? And why join Just Like Us’ Pride Groups programme?

Watch our video and hear from SLT, headteachers, teaching staff and school pupils about how the Pride Groups programme has benefited their school communities.

What is a Pride Group?

A Pride Group is a lunchtime or after school club that provides a safe place for LGBT+ and ally young people to meet, learn and get support.

Pride Groups are social, educational and supportive. They help transform school culture by ensuring there is always a safe, inclusive place where LGBT+, questioning and ally pupils can be themselves.

Why join the Pride Groups programme?

Just Like Us is the LGBT+ young people’s charity. We run the Pride Groups programme for secondary schools across the UK to set up and/or run a Pride Group.

The programme is ideal for both total beginners and schools that have some form of group that they’d like to develop further.

It’s also fantastic for developing opportunities for student voice.

For £99/year membership, we provide:

  • Training for school staff and Student Leaders (takes place online)
  • 121 support
  • Fortnightly resources, including ice breakers and discussion topics
  • Start-up help if you need, it as well as on-going help
  • Competitions, awards and longer-term projects for pupils
  • Connections to a whole network of school staff who run Pride Groups

Read our Pride Groups brochure.

Have a question? Please get in touch. Our team are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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