Volunteer in Cardiff

by Just Like Us
July 2022

Just Like Us volunteers

Volunteer in Cardiff with Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity.

We are looking for LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds in Cardiff, Wales and beyond to volunteer with us.

Every autumn we train hundreds of LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds to become ambassadors.

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Volunteer in Cardiff

Leo is from Wales and non-binary. He volunteers with Just Like Us as part of our Cardiff LGBT+ community of ambassadors.

Leo is a trans volunteer with Just Like Us in Cardiff, Wales
Leo volunteers with Just Like Us in Cardiff, Wales

“LGBTQ+ young people need to see that there are other people out there who are like them so that we feel less alone,” he told Gay Times.

“I became an ambassador with Just Like Us so that I could help others, especially during a time that it is so vital for LGBTQ+ students to feel accepted at their school which was something I never had.

“It’s integral for young people to know that being LGBTQ+ is something to be celebrated and I’m so incredibly happy that I get to do that through speaking in schools as a volunteer with Just Like Us.”

Tristan is also a Just Like Us ambassador from Wales.

He said: “They’ve helped me become more confident in my own identity. Volunteering as also made me feel more confident that I can help others understand LGBTQ+ identities and experiences.”

Catherine who is bisexual and from Wales also volunteers with the charity.

She says: “Just Like Us has made me feel so much more confident with who I am.

“The Ambassador Programme has given me skills I use in wider life. I love it because I know that I am making a difference to young LGBT+ people!”

What is the Ambassador Programme?

Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme is a unique volunteering opportunity.

Three Just Like Us young volunteers sat on a sofa next to LGBT+ Pride flags

By volunteering your time as an ambassador in Cardiff (or elsewhere in the UK), you will:

  • Use your voice: Volunteer by speaking in schools, workplaces and the media
  • Develop skills: Build skills through training, mentoring and workshops
  • Find community: Be part of a network of LGBT+ young people across the UK

Volunteer in Cardiff: How to get involved

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