LGBT volunteering opportunities in the UK

by Just Like Us
July 2022

LGBT volunteering opportunities with Just Like Us

LGBT volunteering is a key part of what we do at Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people’s charity.

Our Ambassador Programme provides LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds in the UK with the chance to do LGBT volunteering in schools, workplaces and the media.

The Ambassador Programme is essentially a unique LGBT volunteering opportunity. By volunteering your time as an ambassador, you will:

  • Use your voice: Volunteer by speaking in schools, workplaces and the media
  • Develop skills: Build skills through training, mentoring and workshops
  • Find community: Be part of a network of LGBT+ young people across the UK

Our ambassadors volunteer with us from lots of different regions across the UK – from Cardiff, London and Manchester to Birmingham, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

We also occasionally offer LGBT volunteering opportunities for senior professionals to mentor our ambassadors.

LGBT volunteering on our Ambassador Programme

Every autumn, we train several hundred ambassadors who are keen to do LGBT volunteering.

Training takes places both online and in person – sign up now to receive more info.

Isaac, a trans man of colour, is a Just Like Us ambassador who has been doing LGBT volunteering with us for several years.

He says Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme has helped him with self-acceptance.

“I’ve told my story to hundreds of school pupils. In the process, I’ve found an incredible community of other young LGBT+ volunteers who share my values of openness, kindness, and respect,” he says.

“It’s opportunities like these that have empowered me to take ownership of my story and come to terms with its most difficult elements. This has ultimately been the key factor for me in learning self-love and compassion.”

Mara is a Just Like Us ambassador, and also non-binary.

“When I was looking for an organisation to volunteer with, I wanted to work with people like me, whilst giving back to people like me,” they explain.

“Coming across Just Like Us I felt as though they allowed me to do exactly that.”

Mara, a non-binary lesbian and a Just Like Us ambassador.
LGBT volunteering: Mara is a Just Like Us ambassador

What is it like to do LGBT volunteering with Just Like Us?

LGBT volunteering opportunities with Just Like Us include speaking in schools (training is provided) about allyship. There’s also the opportunity to be on panels in workplaces and take part in skill-building workshops.

We also provide opportunities for LGBT volunteers to use their voice by speaking and writing in the media.

Meghan also volunteers as an ambassador. She says: “Just Like Us has provided me with a network of supportive and amazing people. It’s given me a platform to contribute to social change.

“Not only has Just Like Us helped with my confidence and public speaking skills, it also has educated me on other parts of the LGBT+ community.”

Billy, a bisexual man, also volunteers as a Just Like Us ambassador. He says: “Just Like Us has made such a difference to my life because it has empowered me to talk openly about my story growing up bisexual.

“By volunteering in schools, I’ve been able to encourage the positive and inclusive LGBT+ attitudes that were lacking from my own education.

“It’s also given me so many opportunities to meet other LGBT+ people and grow as a person.

“They have also they actively helped me in my personal and professional journey as an LGBT+ young person.”

LGBT volunteering: What if I’m not out?

You do not need to be out as LGBT to volunteer with Just Like Us. In fact, many ambassadors are not out when they start volunteering with us.

Some ambassadors are on their own personal journeys with coming out and labels while volunteering with us.

Gabriella, also a Just Like Us ambassador, has written for Gay Times about her journey with the label lesbian.

She was interested in LGBT volunteering when she discovered Just Like Us’ Ambassador Programme.

“I decided to become a Just Like Us ambassador because I wanted to be that positive voice that I wish I had growing up,” she explains.

Gabriella has volunteered with Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young people's charity.
Gabriella has volunteered with Just Like Us

“I wanted younger LGBT+ individuals to know that they aren’t alone and that us ambassadors are fighting for a better future for them and for our younger selves.

“Just Like Us has helped me fully embrace who I am. Being surrounded by so much positivity around being LGBT+ for the first time in my life and hearing everyone else’s stories gave me the courage to come out to my family after hiding for so long.

“Just Like Us helped me feel free.”

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LGBT volunteering opportunities are currently available on our Ambassador Programme for LGBT+ 18 to 25 year olds.

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